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Technique Tudor Rose

The Technique of Filet Crochet with Mary Card Designs
and Methods

Mary Card was more than a wonderful designer of crochet lace. She developed good techniques and explained them clearly.

The many detailed illustrations, tips and reminders throughout the book make learning simple and the graphs are easy to follow.

technique line drawing

Technique Graph

Line drawing showing where to insert the hook at the end of the row.
Graph, much reduced for a learning exercise. This can be made into a coaster.

The many techniques include working square, avoiding the gaps at the tops of trebles, having blocks the same width as spaces, working out from the foundation in both directions, adding beads to the outer row of a jug cover without breaking the thread or including the beads at the beginning plus many others

Even experienced crocheters tell me that they have enjoyed the new techniques and tips. 

The ten patterns are for doyleys, a cushion cover, a jug cover, a chair set, large mats and a centrepiece. 
Seven are Mary’s designs. 

The Jennie Fisher Scholarship for 2004, awarded by the Australian Lace Guild, assisted with the preparation of this book by meeting the cost of some of the line drawings.

Technique Roses and Potpourri

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