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Poppy chair and Nasturtium

Mary Card’s Crochet Lace: Flower Designs

Flowers dominated the picture or filet crochet patterns which were so popular during the early part of the twentieth century.  Some of those included in this book, as listed below, are rarely seen.  Many are large but there are some smaller ones.  Mary’s floral designs were so numerous that the rose, lily and carnation series have been set aside for now. 

The redrawn graphs and the expanded instructions are easy to follow.  The commentary on Mary’s life, work and the social history of the era given with each pattern give it appeal for a general audience.

This book has a considerable number of Mary’s afternoon tea or supper cloths, notably the Garden, Convolvulus, Pansy & bees, Anemone, Periwinkle and maidenhair fern, Tulip, Poinsettia, Waratah, one stylized floral design simply called Afternoon tea cloth
Smaller cloths are represented by the Bridge table cover, the Supplejack insertion and the Single dahlia design. 
The Wisteria centre and mats is a luncheon set and the Butterfly and Jasmine sets are for dressing tables or sideboards.
The wearables include a Nightgown yoke in supplejack design and a Daffodil collar.
The Gippsland vine & flannel flower cushion cover features Australian flora and the Bluebird and iris design with the message “Bluebird for Happiness” is traditional.
There is a matching traycloth and tea cosy cover in the Garden series, and a group of Primrose, Tea tree, Nasturtium and Thistle centrepieces and d’oyleys,

The Poppy chairback, the Iris Scarf end and the Fuchsia bread cloth are suitable for beginners.



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