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Early History of Irish Crochet Lace

Old and rare books not used before by Irish crochet historians have given new insights into the early history.

At the time of the famine, in the late 1840s, the Irish women learnt to produce at a lower price, crochet versions of the expensive needle and bobbin laces in demand at the time 

The nuns, wives of the clergymen and other benevolent people not only taught but also marketed and promoted the work.

After early success, Irish crochet lacemaking dwindled.  Then, in the 1880s, with new designs and an active teaching programme the lace industry became prosperous once again.  Government agencies such as the Congested Districts Board played an important role, along with convents, especially in the rural areas

Even though the book does not include directions for working, the large illustrations are often detailed enough for experienced crocheters to copy.

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