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MCard cloth

Mary Card: Australian Crochet Lace Designer

Mary Card became a crochet lace designer late in life, after deafness forced her to sell her private school in Melbourne early in the twentieth century. 

Her crochet designs published in New Idea, a lively new women’s magazine quickly became very popular, especially when they included Australian flora and fauna.  A series of books followed.  Her designs were appealing and her patterns easy to follow.

She moved overseas towards the end of World War I to explore larger markets for her work.  She lived in America for a few years then in England until shortly before she died in 1940 at the age of 80.

This book appeals to many people with a general interest in biography, social history and needlework.  The appendices, endnotes and references add to its value for needlework historians, museum curators and collectors.

It won the Cultural Heritage Award for 2003 in the EnergyAustralia/National Trust Series of Awards.

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