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Riego Portrait

Mademoiselle Riego and Irish Crochet Lace

A unique panorama of designs from the first crochet lace pattern books published in the 1840s until the 1870s is presented in the first part of this book. Home-made sample books had been the source of patterns before this time.

Research on the life and work of Mlle Riego revealed that she did not ‘invent’ Irish crochet.  Nevertheless she eventually made a large contribution to the Irish lace industry. She left the lacemakers a substantial legacy when she died in 1887 and her BranchardiŹre Trust Fund financed much-needed training, designing and prizes for many years.

Riego Danby

Riego dress

Danby's Crochet Trimming 1851

Riego Medallion Collar

Mlle Riego's Medallion Collar 1855
Mlle Riego's Child's Crochet Lace Frock 1852

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