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The Structure of Threads for Lace

The structure of thread deserves more attention than it has received.

This well-illustrated book clearly explains the basic structure of cotton and linen lace thread. It shows how two of the three ways the thread may be taken from the ball, reel or spool change the amount of the twist and so the appearance of the lace and ease of working. 

Some unexpected variations were found in the thread sold today. For example, within the same brand, class and size of thread, some balls and spools of thread were found to be S-finished and others Z-finished.
Five threads of similar size but different structures, 2S, 3S, 3Z (2 samples) and 2S/3Z were used to crochet comparison samples. The thread was managed so that the amount of twist did not change.
The historical background helps to understand the changes in thread over the years. 
This book has practical messages for many lacemakers and manufacturers of thread for lace. It goes further than other accounts of thread structure and lacemaking.    

You can improve your lace by choosing suitable thread and managing its twist to avoid overtwisting and curling or unravelling and breaking.







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