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Personal Details

I live in Sydney, Australia. In retirement I became curious about the background to my mother’s crochet lace which had lain forgotten for a long time. Rosemary Shepherd OAM, Lace Specialist at the Powerhouse Museum encouraged me to transfer my research skills from an earlier career in science (M.Sc.Agr., Ph.D) to textiles.

I have the Proficiency Certiticate (Crochet Lace Stage I) of the Australian Lace Guild
Achievement Certificates (Crochet Stages I and II) of the Knitters Guild of NSW

I teach crochet and judge at shows, including the Royal Easter Show, Sydney. The little crochet I have entered in shows has often won prizes.

I have an extensive collection of crochet lace and its literature. I use this to assist museums and private collectors by providing information on the source of the patterns and general background.

I give talks and show the lace to community groups.

I am a volunteer in the Lace Study Centre at the Powerhouse Museum

I am a member of The Cavalcade of History and Fashion and am cataloguing the collection of Irish crochet lace


In addition to my nine books and articles on Mary Card in popular magazines, I have published research on Grace Valentine.

Ballantyne, Barbara, Stoker, Wendy & Stoker, Margaret, 1999, M. Grace Valentine, Designer of Crochet lace, Australian Lace, 20, 3, 6-7

Research in Progress

I am continuing to research and write on Irish crochet lace.

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